• Measurements – Why Do Measurements Have So Much Significance?

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    Development in science goes hand in hand with development in measurements!

    It has been observed that progress in science and technology is achieved only if an equal amount of progress is made in the field of measurements as well. The reason for the same becomes quite clear if you were to take note of the fact that new discoveries are associated with newer phenomenons being revealed, and these discoveries makes it really important that newer measurement techniques be formulated to measure the new discoveries.

    Measurements have to back discoveries

    It is an impassable truth that whatever newer discoveries are made, the discoveries remain without any value whatsoever, unless it is backed by solid measurements. It is only measurements which can prove that a particular hypothesis is indeed valid when substantiated with actual measurements. Thus, the measurements not merely proves the hypothesis, it also contributes to the understanding of the hypothesis.

    Now, discoveries are a never ending process, and one discovery will lead to the other, and the chain of improvising or discovering efficient measurement techniques for the latest of discoveries continues. These are the very reasons as to why we have really advanced measurement systems in our present era, and likewise, we have come to believe that in the present, science and technology is really advanced and progressed.

    Two critical functions within every branch of engineering

    Within every branch of engineering there are two critical functions, one is the design of newer equipment and its associated processes, and the other is ensuring that the equipment are properly maintained and operated along with giving due importance to the associated processes.

    Either of these critical functions involves measurements. The need for measurements can be understood from the fact that a constant feedback of information is required for the continual process of design, operation, and maintenance of the equipment, and it is measurements that provides the required feedback information.

    This tutorial of basic equipment design will make it clear on the role measurements play in the critical functions discussed previously.

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