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    Tracemetrics Laboratories has NABL Accreditation!                          

    We are recruiting! 

    Welcome to Tracemetrics Laboratories!

    Ample thought has gone into our making

    Tracemetrics was founded after carefully understanding the calibration needs of various industries. Tracemetrics has made ample investments in procuring the right equipment and other associated accessories only after completing a diligent study and understanding the limitations and expectations of the industry.

    The best of brands and equipment in calibration is in use

    If companies like Jofra, Fluke, GE, Pegasus, Isotech, Hioki and so forth, are companies whose equipment the calibration industry swears by, then you as a customer can be assured that it is equipment from these very reputable companies that Tracemetrics has put to good use in their laboratories. The models of equipment from these companies that Tracemetrics uses in their laboratories is the very latest of the updated model that the company has released.

    Calibration workforce at Tracemetrics

    The workforce at Tracemetrics is a force to reckon. Tracemetrics imparts training to its workforce on a regular and continuous basis. The workforce at Tracemetrics are the best from the industry, and they know exactly as to what their job is.

    Any calibration technician at Tracemetrics knows how to put IM&TE, or otherwise known as Inspection, Measurement, and Testing Equipment to good use and measure the various factors using them. They are capable of clearly distinguishing base and SI derived units, and they also know where to apply them, convert between them, and put them to proper use. They clearly understand traceability and its importance, and also have a proper understanding of hierarchy of standards and its principles.

    Our calibration technicians have a good understanding of the concepts of measurement assurance program, or MAP. They are capable of using the various measurement methods, are in a position to distinguish the various measurement characteristics, and make necessary corrections to eliminate error sources.

    Not to mention, they clearly have an understanding of the impact of environment on calibration, and have a clear know-how of the various validation and calibration process needed for IM&TE. They are also adept at managing records and are also good at maintaining document control systems that go on to support calibration and measurement systems.

    You can rely on us for your calibration needs

    Tracemetrics, backed by a strong management, work force, and ample investments in the right technology which the expert workforce of Tracemetrics relies upon, is making the necessary moves to make a mark in the calibration industry.

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